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Current Trends Of Interior Flooring

Once upon a time, the most common type of flooring to see in a home was carpet, but that tradition is no more. These days you can find everything from painted concrete to patterned tiles to floating floorboards, and a few others. When it comes to deciding on which type of flooring you want in your home, whether a new home or a renovation of an existing one, it pays to know what the current trends of interior flooring are, and that's the type of information you can find here. Whether you need to find new flooring or you just want to keep abreast of current trends, these posts will be updated often.

Current Trends for Interior Flooring

Floor Polishing: 4 Ways Polishing Concrete Floors Benefits Your Restaurant

Ian Henry

One crucial element to consider when designing your restaurant is the type of floors to install. Though the floors go unnoticed a lot, the type of floors you install affects your restaurant's success. So, if you choose slippery and sticky floors, the restaurant will have a few customers. The market offers various types of floors that are ideal for restaurants. One way of making your restaurant more attractive is through floor polishing. Below are some benefits of polishing concrete floors. 

Reduces Accidents and Contamination

Polishing concrete floors makes them denser and tighter. That way, oil and other contaminants will not penetrate through the floors. So, your restaurant will have stain-free flooring that's eye-catching. 

Polished concrete may appear shiny and slippery, but it reduces accidents in your restaurant. That's because a polished floor is not slippery. During the polishing process, the floors undergo a mechanical grinding process that flattens and makes it rough a little bit. This increases the friction on the floors, making them less slippery. 

Increases the Restaurant's Lighting Ambience 

Polished concrete is an eye-catching flooring option. Most individuals find these floors attractive because they increase the room's lighting. That's because polished concrete is more reflective. So, installing concrete floors makes the restaurant seem brighter. That improves the restaurant's ambience lighting and reduces the use of artificial lighting. For this reason, energy consumption and costs will decrease. 

Requires Less Effort to Maintain

Since polished flooring resists stains and slips, maintaining it does not take up a lot of effort. If you install other floors, like tiles, you will require a lot of energy to scrub them to eliminate dirt and stains. But concrete floors are compact. Since that increases their resistance to stains, cleaning these floors becomes easier. A mop and mild cleaning detergent are enough to keep these floors clean. 

You can also use a mild disinfectant for increased sanitary levels in your restaurant. That saves you a lot of money that would have been spent buying chemical cleaners and hard scrubbing brushes. 

Increases the Floors' Durability

No restaurant owner enjoys the frustration of replacing their floors every time. For this reason, you should ensure your floors are strong and can withstand wear and tear. Polishing your floors increases their strength and durability. So, you don't have to close your restaurant frequently to repair or replace your floors. Also, a little maintenance will go a long way to increasing the floor's durability. 

These are some of the reasons to consider polishing your floors. Do not miss out on the amazing benefits of polishing concrete. Hire a flooring expert today to polish your restaurant floors. 

To learn more, reach out to a local floor polishing service.