Current Trends Of Interior Flooring
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Current Trends Of Interior Flooring

Once upon a time, the most common type of flooring to see in a home was carpet, but that tradition is no more. These days you can find everything from painted concrete to patterned tiles to floating floorboards, and a few others. When it comes to deciding on which type of flooring you want in your home, whether a new home or a renovation of an existing one, it pays to know what the current trends of interior flooring are, and that's the type of information you can find here. Whether you need to find new flooring or you just want to keep abreast of current trends, these posts will be updated often.

Current Trends for Interior Flooring

3 Reasons to Install Engineered Flooring in Your Home

Ian Henry

If you want to install wooden floors in your home, you have two main options, engineered or solid wooden flooring. Engineered floors have become very popular among homeowners because they are stylish and affordable. Both the solid and engineered wooden floors appear the same, but the engineered floors have superior features. If you are wondering what these features are, keep reading.

1. Durable Option

When installing a floor, you need to evaluate the durability of the material you use. Engineered floors are durable because they contain many layers that make them stable and sturdy. Their longevity is also attributed to the fact that it is a finished product, unlike solid wood planks.

This type of floor is particularly ideal for kitchens and other areas with a lot of moisture. In this type of environment, it outperforms solid wooden floors. This is because they expand and contract at a lower rate after being exposed to high humidity and foot traffic.

Additionally, once it wears out, this floor can be re-varnished to increase its life span and give it a new look. Therefore, if you are looking for a flooring option that is durable and sturdy, have your contractor install engineered flooring.

2. Affordable and Sustainable

Engineered wood floors are more affordable than solid wood floors. Their installation is also straightforward. Therefore, when you install these floors, you enjoy the same comfort as that brought by solid wooden floors but at a lower price. This price difference is attributed to the fact that several engineered wood pieces can be produced from one solid wood plank.

Moreover, since this flooring option uses less wood, it is sustainable and environmentally friendly. By using the engineered floors, you save some money and help reduce the cutting down of trees.

3. Make Your Home Cozy

Engineered wooden floors are comfortable because they keep your feet warm when it's very cold and cool when it's very hot. This makes it an ideal option for people living in areas where they experience extreme temperatures. Additionally, these floors don't favour dust mites, and as such, you don't have to worry about breathing polluted air.

Wooden floors look stylish and add a vintage look to a room. If you plan to install this type of floor, you have to choose between engineered and one made from solid wood. As seen, engineered floors have superior features and are cheaper, making them an ideal choice for your home.

Contact a local flooring supplier to learn more about engineered flooring.