Current Trends Of Interior Flooring
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Current Trends Of Interior Flooring

Once upon a time, the most common type of flooring to see in a home was carpet, but that tradition is no more. These days you can find everything from painted concrete to patterned tiles to floating floorboards, and a few others. When it comes to deciding on which type of flooring you want in your home, whether a new home or a renovation of an existing one, it pays to know what the current trends of interior flooring are, and that's the type of information you can find here. Whether you need to find new flooring or you just want to keep abreast of current trends, these posts will be updated often.

Current Trends for Interior Flooring

  • Embracing Nature: Why Timber Flooring Is Perfect for Your Cabin Retreat

    29 April 2024

    Few flooring options compare to the timeless appeal of timber when creating a cozy and rustic ambiance in your cabin retreat. Timber flooring offers warmth, character, and durability, making it the perfect choice for cabins nestled in natural settings. In this blog, we'll explore why timber flooring is an ideal option for your cabin and how it can enhance the beauty and charm of your rustic retreat. Natural Aesthetic One of the most compelling reasons to choose timber flooring for your cabin is its natural aesthetic.